Sou Sou Flower Looming Plan — A blessing for Business Interests and NOT a scam!

As everyone knows, having an online business on hand is a boon in these difficult epidemics, and an added benefit if it offers more than expected. This can happen when people sign up with the most blessing Flower looming gift MLM plan program, which provides a quick way to make more money.

Due to the bad impact of Covid-19, many have lost their jobs and have found this lucrative program online while looking for alternatives. It soon brings many benefits, so they started inviting their friends to join them, this way they earned even more.

What is a Flower Looming Plan in the MLM system?

Basically, it has a superpower, which allows the user to get more revenue from the beginning because it is like the basic natural elements.

Simply put, when the planted seed is supported by natural elements, the plants will bloom faster, as well as the basic layers of this plan will benefit the user faster.

This program has four levels/layers in its structure, namely

  • Fire
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Water

Also, this program is often referred to as the Sou-Sou or Susu plan and the Blessing Loom program.

susu flower plan software
susu flower plan software

As the name suggests, this plan has a floral structure and works in rotation.

Allows a new user to register by donating the amount to the existing user of the program.

If someone wants to involve themselves in this best MLM plan, he/she must first gift a certain amount to the member who is at the last level (water level) of the plan.

How does this program work in the rotation?

After a successful payment made, the member will be added to the starting position in the structure, which is the fire layer (first level), while a total of 8 members will be connected in a similar manner within a week.

sou sou flower looming gift plan software
sou sou flower looming gift plan software

The cycle/rotation occurs every week, so within the next week, the first level members will be moved to the second level called the air layer.

  • Similarly, the added member will reach the final stage of the structure where the water level is within the fourth week.
  • When he/she reaches this last stage, he/she will benefit from the large commission paid directly by the 8 members of the fire level (first tier).
  • The program operates on a rotating basis to bring the possibility of making money to members of the network.

This plan will bring more benefits to the users by investing less and specifying the members in the network, which is why this plan is preferred by many in the multi level marketing industry.

How does this blessing plan blossom through social networks?

Now in an epidemic situation, this lucrative lotus flower pyramid program is reaching great heights online through social media sites. But how?

  • When people join this online program, they will be given a link to refer at least two new members in the network.
  • After successful addition, he/she will be moved to the next level when the cycle occurs.
  • The sooner they complete the recruitment, the sooner they will be successfully promoted to the next level.

Here, social media integrated MLM software helps greatly! With its help, anyone can achieve this without any sweat. For now, social media is a boon to connect or interact with friends, family, and even strangers. So referring a couple is definitely not a difficult thing for anyone.

sou sou or susu lotus flower pyramid
sou sou or susu lotus flower pyramid

By sharing or posting referral links on social media stories anyone can easily find a new partner to join this beneficial program and through this, the blessing plan can give more blossom with benefits to the users.

Finally, this money flower investment plan is exceptionally easy to handle, and participating in this project will bring great treasure directly to your doorstep.

Also, you do not have to pay to join an existing loom, when you have the potential to start your own with yourself at the top level.

If you need any help to get started now, get the free MLM software demo, also you can connect with the best experts now!!

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