Top 5 Best Multi Level Marketing Plans in the World — A Case Study

Amway, Market America, Avon, Herbalife, Nu Skin- Have you heard these names before?

You might! They are the most popular brands in the world and besides, they are the top global network marketing companies in the world.

So what are the spices here, and what is the secret of their growth?

There can be many parameters that build the success of network marketing companies. But the MLM PLAN Maker stands behind the famous parameter brands.

Just as Amway has an independent business owner compensation plan, most network marketing companies have their own plan. This can be interpreted as rewards for selling products and services and referring to others as independent business owners/distributors and also, the Income will be provided for each sale.

If you are also planning to start a new network marketing business, all is well! Here we are going to discuss the top 5 MLM projects in the market effective to achieve the target. These will stand as a strong platform for your networking business regardless of the products you are about to launch. Let’s see about the different MLM Business Plans right here!

1. Unilevel MLM Plan

Do you know why I mention this here first? Is the Unilevel program being used by

“21 marketing companies in the top 100 network marketing companies in the world”?

The reason for the success of this particular MLM project is that you can directly control your downline. This allows you to appoint unlimited distributors without any restrictions. I.e. Unlimited members in the front row with long width.

This MLM scheme was presented to distributors with huge rewards, incentives, and bonuses after reaching specific checkpoints. This brings striking revenue and profits to distributors.

2. Binary MLM Compensation Plan

The most common and widely accepted MLM scheme is binary MLM. It’s like growing together, yes individual users and network marketers earn equally. Here users are evenly distributed and form the structure of a tree with two legs such as left and right for each person.

Someone joining the network will be placed on the left or right side.

  • If both factions are occupied, he will be placed according to the spillover. Here come the Power Leg and the Profit Leg.
spillover in binary mlm plan software
spillover in binary mlm plan software
  • Power Leg One’s upline members benefit from recruitment efforts (spillover), while privately funded distributors benefit from profit leg (no spillover).
  • This increases profits for marketers and individuals.

3. Matrix MLM Plan

This scheme is called the Forced Matrix scheme or ladder plan. It generally regulates the number of users recruited for this network marketing. It will be continuous left to right and top to bottom shape.

Members are allowed to choose their sponsor, but not status. It gives matrix values like 2 * 2, 3 * 3. Fixed width and depth matrix for downline arrangement.

According to the business plan, you can set a level-based bonus for the entire bottom line and be encouraged to join more of the network chain to make a profit.

Each up line can only specify a certain number of pre-order distributors. Any additional recommendations should be placed under another distributor of the same chain.

4. Board MLM Plan

The board scheme is highly desirable by many startup MLM companies because it benefits both companies and members. This is also known as the rotating matrix program.

Here the members have to work as a team called the “Board”. The number of members on the board varies from company to company, which is a completely definite decision.

When the board is filled, it splits to form a new board. Here the top member is elevated to a higher position.

Attractive bonuses like a referral, matching, level advancement, board completion apply here.

5. Monoline MLM Plan

The simplest MLM compensation plan of all is the monoline MLM plan. It operates on a FIFO-First in First Out basis, i.e. on a first-come, first-served basis. Hence it is also called a linear scheme.

There is no barrier to recruitment here and you will get income whenever newcomers come into the system.

It doesn’t matter who you join, it’s all about joining time because it determines the income. But whether to make minimum recruitment mandatory for every user is entirely up to the companies. The member above the queue makes more profit than the others.

Also, some of the other MLM projects Available in the Market

Here are some of the more popular MLM compensation plans among the growing network marketing companies worldwide —

Flower Looming MLM Plan

This project is completely unique from the structure, it will be in the structure of the flower as it is based on the usual MLM Tree. It has different levels like water, earth, air, and fire.

susu flower looming mlm software
susu flower looming mlm software

Here the gift to the above level completes the task. It works on a rotational basis and once it is completed each new user can reinvest in the same plan or choose a new one.

Not only these plans but also custom plans are available in the market. Also, ask the script provider to create your unique custom MLM software for your guaranteed business success!

In a Nutshell

The growth of the network marketing business depends on the distributors trying to reach the community. There are numerous compensation schemes that will hit the market globally. It is important to select the appropriate network marketing plan by knowing the inside and outside of its protocol.

Even if you choose the best plan for the business, there are many aspects you need to look out for with distributors.

So, if you are planning to start your own network marketing business using the compensation plan mentioned above, now is the time to check out the free MLM software demo on Live.

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